Article for the Ross Gazette

There are now less than 100 days until the General Election on May 7th--as well as local Council elections in Herefordshire.

For many, the election is already under way. But Gazette readers may be relieved to know that I do not intend to get distracted by election campaigning until the election itself. Until then, I am your MP, and serving my constituents remains, as always, my Number 1 priority.

It is vital to our democracy that as many people vote as possible. But registering to vote has changed, from a "household" model, which had its roots in old laws which stated that only property owners could vote, to individual voter registration.

Herefordshire Council are responsible for maintaining the electoral register in Herefordshire. They wrote to all registered electors last Autumn, notifying them that they had been moved to individual registration. But if you did not receive a letter, or are otherwise unsure whether you are registered to vote, do please check now before it's too late. You can contact the Council's Electoral Services office on 01432 260 107.

And if you know that you, or a friend or a relative still needs to register, it's never been easier to do so. You can register online, simply by visiting

In the next few months, politicians of every stamp will be asking for your vote. You deserve your say, so please make sure you are registered. Whether they can give you something good and positive to vote for, is another matter!