Children at St James's School back Funkey Maths!

Jesse with Funkey Maths class and St James's head, Kathy WestonChildren at St James's Primary School give their Funkey Maths classes the overwhelming thumbs up! That was the message when the kids met up with local MP Jesse Norman on his recent visit to the school.

The Funkey Maths project is the result of a collaboration between Jesse and a local educational pioneer, Maggie Steel.  The programme teaches core maths skills via a highly innovative new approach that ties learning to having fun and playing games.  A key feature is that older children act as mentors to the younger ones, a role which boosts their own confidence and maths skills as well. 

"Funkey Maths is massive fun, the kids love it, and their core maths skills get better and better," said Jesse afterwards. "We want to continue to roll this out across the county, and then who knows? The documented evidence that it is a better to way to teach these skills is continuously growing, and the feedback from teachers and pupils alike has been terrific.

"So if you're a head or a school governor and you think this can help in your school, please get in touch!"

Photo: Jesse with Funkey Maths class and St James's head, Kathy Weston