Jesse calls for 4 week delay, answers on Hereford United

Local MP Jesse Norman has called for a minimum four-week delay in any lease negotiations at Hereford United, and for answers to key questions from those involved.

Jesse has also pressed the Football Association for clarification on the “fit and proper” status of the new majority owner of the club, Mr Tommy Agombar. He said:

“It is plain that the Football Association’s focus at the moment is on the England team and the World Cup. At this time it is in no position to deliver a verdict as to whether Mr Agombar is a fit and proper person to own a football club. I also believe there may be questions as to the legal validity and status of the recent offer of shares at Hereford United.

“These issues need to be resolved carefully and with due process before the Council will be in an appropriate position to assess the status of leases at Edgar Street, or Mr Agombar as the true majority owner of the club.

“I am therefore calling on all parties for a minimum four week delay in any discussions of the leases, pending a resolution of Mr Agombar’s status with the Football Association.

“I understand Herefordshire Council has demanded repayment of all outstanding rent owed by the club, and that is important. But we also need proper answers and full disclosure of information from the new owner, fast.

“I therefore call on Mr Agombar to ensure all staff wages and other outstanding debts are settled immediately and in full; to open discussions with the Supporters Trust with a view to making his intentions clear for the club; and to come to an open fans forum to explain his actions since he bought the club to supporters.

“The recent events at Hereford United are a tragedy for the club and its staff, suppliers and supporters. People who have loyally dedicated their time and energy to helping keep the club afloat in the most difficult times have been cast aside with disdain. But these events have also been a tragedy for the city and for the county.

“A huge amount of work has been undertaken by many people in and around the club, and we should especially recognise and thank Martin Watson and the Supporters Trust for raising awareness of the club’s plight throughout Herefordshire, as well as with fans up and down the country and around the world.

“Fans and non-fans alike are dismayed by the recent events, which have threatened to tarnish the good name of Hereford United throughout the footballing world. But I am quite certain that if we all work together and use all the energy and knowledge and resources of those who care about Hereford United, then
we will get through this.”