Jesse calls for "cast-iron commitments" on the new Asda Primary Care Centre

Jesse Norman MP has called publicly for "cast-iron commitments" on the proposed new Primary Care Access Centre next to the ASDA in South Hereford.

"What matters is that there should be the best possible medical facility at ASDA for the people of Hereford, and of South Wye in particular. Glenda Powell, who has vigorously campaigned on this issue, is to be congratulated for fighting for the best interests of local people.

"I have spoken at length about this with the Herefordshire CCG, which commissions and funds these services. It is quite clear that their plan is not to close the current facility for good, but only for a short period, after which it will reopen as a Primary Care Access Centre led by local GPs.

"I am now pressing the CCG for cast-iron commitments on the key issues. These include: that people with an urgent condition can continue to see a doctor at the new ASDA Centre immediately; that there should be further investment to upgrade the ASDA facility; that any transitional arrangements should be as short as possible; and that there should be a greater range of medical services offered than at present. It would be great if the new Centre could offer enhanced Children's Services and immunisations, for example."