Jesse interviews Kate Adie on Women at War, including Rotherwas

Jesse Norman and Kate AdieLocal MP Jesse Norman had the fascinating task of interviewing renowned BBC war correspondent Kate Adie last week at the Hay Festival.

The topic was Ms Adie’s new book “Fighting on the Home Front”, in which she describes the experience of women of every social and economic background in the First World War, ranging from war recruitment to policing to work on the railways and in the Post Office, and even women’s football!

During the interview Kate Adie highlighted the role of women in Herefordshire and other rural areas, including their experience of land work and social isolation during the war.

A particular focus was on the brave women staffing the huge munitions factory at Rotherwas, which she recently visited with a BBC camera crew. “This was very difficult and dangerous work for twelve hours a day, often with two or three hours’ travel at each end as well,” she said.

Afterwards, Jesse said “Whether reporting from the Iranian embassy siege or from Bosnia and Rwanda, Kate Adie is a legend, and it was a huge honour to be able to interview her. I was especially pleased that she celebrated the wartime contribution of the women of Herefordshire, and in particular at Rotherwas, in her remarks.”