Jesse Wishes the Ross Gazette a Happy 150th Birthday

Happy 150th birthday to the Ross Gazette!

It is amazing to think that in 1867, just as Benjamin Disraeli was framing the second Reform Act and giving the vote to millions of people for the first time, so the roots of the Gazette was being established in Ross-on-Wye.

But the genius of the Gazette for me has always been that it is through-and-through a local newspaper, embedded in the community.

Forget Star Wars, the Gazette is a positive life-force just by itself!

It is edited and published by a small but highly professional and dedicated team led by the brilliant Jo Scrivin. And above all it is never cynical, always highlighting the many good deeds done by local people when it hits the shelves every Wednesday. That is so refreshing in a world which seems increasingly awash in negative feelings.

Yes, the Gazette rightly draws attention to issues of local concern, presses those in authority to take action, and runs periodic campaigns to improve the town and make life better for local residents.

So it should. Those in positions of authority--including myself of course--should be held to account.

With local papers across the country closing down, we are fortunate indeed still to have the Gazette, with over 4,000 readers every week, keeping us well informed of events in Ross.

Let us raise a glass to the Gazette, and to its staff and owner Ray Tindle, and wish them good luck and safe keeping for the next 150 years!