Making Progress on Transport Issues in South Herefordshire

Jesse Norman writes in the Hereford Times...

Transport is a serious local issue: too many potholes, too much traffic congestion in Hereford, not enough public transport, not enough good transport links either inside or outside the county. We must continue to address these problems.

Working together, Herefordshire Council, Bill Wiggin and I have made real progress on many transport issues since 2010, when I was elected as MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire.

These include, among other things: persuading the Government to create a new pothole fund, securing £3.5 million of this last year (a much larger share than most similar local authorities were awarded) and using this money to fix potholes across the county; finally fixing the A49/Barton Road junction in Hereford; working with councillors to get the Highways Agency to improve the A49 at Bridstow; and working with councillors, the local police, hauliers and VOSA to reduce the number of large vehicles on Alton Street in Ross-on-Wye.

I have campaigned for improvements to Hereford railway station, and for reliable and regular rail services on the services to Birmingham, London and Wales. In 2012 I was honoured to open the new Network Rail depot in Hereford. I have also campaigned for an Eastern Link Road, and for new parkway station at Rotherwas, both of which would reduce congestion in the city and boost the Enterprise Zone.

As a keen cyclist. I was delighted to support the Sustrans Greenway bridge connecting Bartonsham and Rotherwas. I have long argued that Hereford should become a cycling city, like Bristol and York. I have also backed an environment-, dog- and child-friendly 20 mph speed limit in Hereford, and made the case for better rural bus services for many constituents.

If I am re-elected I will continue to push hard in Parliament in these areas, and above all for fairer public funding for transport in Herefordshire.