Statement on grass cutting

Grass cutting with Paul RoneMany concerned residents have contacted me about grass cutting in Herefordshire.

I have been in contact with the Council and the relevant Cabinet Member to get to the bottom of this issue, highlighting concerns about road safety, use of public areas for sports, impact on children and young people, increasing litter as well as the appearance of our beautiful county.

Herefordshire Council has replied as follows:

“Herefordshire Council has to save £33m by 2016, and have made a policy decision to focusing spending on vulnerable adults and children, the creation of homes and jobs, and on roads. In order to achieve these savings Balfour Beatty and Herefordshire Council have agreed to make changes in areas including reducing the number of grass cuts. Cuts have been reduced from 7 to 3 per annum and some locations have been excluded completely.”

Councillor Paul Rone is now overseeing the grass cutting as part of his role as the new Cabinet Member for Infrastructure. He has assured me that he is implementing a solution to the problem which should be in place in the next two weeks. This is very late, and does nothing to relieve the immediate issue, however, and I continue to keep up the pressure for more short term solutions as well as the long term. My frustration has been such that, alongside Cllr Rone, I have also made a personal contribution to purchase grass cutting equipment.

This remains an issue for Herefordshire Council. But I will continue to help in any way that I can in order to achieve lasting and effective solutions that keep the county safe and attractive for residents and visitors alike.