jesse_norman_004.jpgToday is polling day. When you cast your vote, I hope you will give me your support.

In my five years as MP, I have worked round the clock to justify the trust placed in me. I have handled over 4,000 cases on behalf of local people, on every conceivable issue: in one, I was able to arrange for a hospital procedure which allowed a constituent’s two-year-old daughter to walk properly for the first time. And I have helped constituents recover thousands of pounds in lost benefits.

I have also tried to give leadership on key local issues. I have helped save millions of pounds on the Hospital PFI. I have worked alongside the Hereford United Supporters Trust to keep football at Edgar Street, and to support the fledgling Hereford FC. And I have supported farmers on matters ranging from bovine TB to the failures of the Rural Payments Agency.

I have run a positive election campaign, based on my own record rather than on any personal attacks on others. And I am very grateful that a wide range of well-known local figures have publicly endorsed me for re-election. These include business people such as Angela Siemieniuk of Hat Trick and Joyce Thomas, the former Mayor of Ross-on-Wye.

As a man in Hampton Dene kindly told me last week: “I will vote for you because you vote the way your conscience tells you to vote, for your independence of mind and for all that you have done for Hereford- shire. I thank you for restoring some credibility to the parliamentary system.”

Now I am trying to build a majority that sends a clear message to Westminster. Each and every vote counts.

Whatever your political views, please help me to help you.

First published in Hereford Times.