Two choices: what this election is really about

This election is about two choices:  national and local.

Nationally, it is about whether we as a country recognise the challenges facing us over the coming years, and back Theresa May to lead us through them as our Prime Minister. 

That means giving her a personal mandate to negotiate with the EU, and a majority big enough to get the required new laws through Parliament and stop the Nationalists in Scotland from breaking up the United Kingdom.

Locally, this election is about which candidate has the experience, profile and track record to represent us best in Westminster. 

Whether it’s protecting Hereford and Ross hospitals, money for potholes—more badly needed now—new broadband, our booming Enterprise Zone in Rotherwas, the recent £8 million university start-up funding, helping hundreds of constituents a year or a host of other things, I believe my own record is second to none in Parliament—a fact recognised by three national awards. 

I have not been afraid to speak truth to power, as with the vote to bomb Syria in 2013.  But since then my roles as elected Select Committee Chair and now Minister of Energy have given me—and Herefordshire—direct access to the top of government. 

I have always worked to the utmost of my abilities on behalf of local people, and thrown myself heart and soul into putting Herefordshire on the political map. 

On June 8th I hope you will back me and Theresa May, locally and nationally, to continue this vital work.

Jesse Norman