2 October 2023
Jesse hails new Hereford cycle track

Local MP Jesse Norman has hailed the opening of the new Hereford cycle track as “a massive boost to the county and the community”.

Jesse has backed the cycle track from its very inception as an early financial supporter, as Member of Parliament for Hereford, as a member of the Stronger Towns Fund board, and as Transport minister responsible for cycling and active travel.

Commenting, Jesse said:

“I vividly recall being hit up by Jim Kenyon for a non-trivial financial donation to support the cycle track in its earliest days! So it is such a joy to see it become a reality today.

“Massive thanks to Jim for his early vision and to all those over the years who have made it possible. It is so fitting that my friend the great Chris Boardman, Chair of Sport England, was able to come and open it.

“This is just the first of a whole set of local projects that will be coming on stream over the next year or so, thanks to our £22.4 million Stronger Towns Fund win in 2021. It is all really exciting, for the city and the county alike.”