1 December 2020
Jesse Norman welcomes NMITE launch

Jesse Norman welcomes the launch of the New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering (NMITE) in Hereford.

Absolutely thrilled that after twelve years of campaigning, lobbying, twisting arms and making the case, NMITE—our New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering—launches today, offering degrees validated by the Open University! 

NMITE is a radically new kind of higher ed institution. It offers a Masters in Integrated Engineering (MEng) in three (3) years. Students work intensively in small groups on practical tech and engineering projects, learning the theory as they go. It is learning-by-doing.

Student learning at NMITE is based on the most innovative international models, notably Olin College in the United States, launched in 1997. In 2018 an MIT study ranked Olin alongside the hallowed MIT as a world leader in engineering education.

Now NMITE is opening its doors to students for the first time. The Pioneer Cohort of 50 learners will join in March 2021, with the first year fully funded. The original NMITE Design Cohort were amazing, and helped build the courses. The Pioneers will go still further.

So: if *you* have a creative cast of mind and want both a great practical and a great theoretical engineering education and study in Hereford for an Open University degree… or if you just want to know more, or know someone who does, go to nmite.ac.uk, see what you think, and #bepartofit. And please share this with friends and family!

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